Marie-Eline Chevance
SEO consultant freelance in France

Develop your website's full potential

Implement a simple and effective SEO strategy to improve your visibility on the Internet and increase your sales.

Marie-Eline Chevance SEO consultant freelance in France

SEO, an essential lever

The Internet has become essential for any successful business. Being visible on search engines means getting more leads, and therefore more customers.

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking natural search engine optimisation. 

With a wealth of experience in SEO in an agency, I can help you from the technical audit of your site to the optimisation of your pages, including a study of the keywords you need.

SEO has the reputation of being complex to grasp. While some aspects are admittedly technical, most of the time it is within the reach of any company that gives itself the means to do so.

My characteristics as an SEO consultant


I try to explain what I do in a simple way.

By working with me, you’ll have a better understanding of the main principles of SEO.

You’ll understand how search engines work and think like a bot!

At your service

Because an SEO strategy is useless if it isn’t applied, I take your requirements into account.

I start every service with a discussion with your teams to understand how you work.

The aim is to recommend optimisations that are achievable, not unattainable.

Ethical seo

My work as a web referencing specialist is part of my CSR approach.

SEO training

With the EEAT, there’s nothing like your own expertise to set your blog posts apart from your competitors.


However, writing for the web requires skills that not all copywriters have. 


I offer SEO web copywriting courses so that you can keep control of your content (without using external copywriters) while keeping SEO in your sights.

Keeping an eye on the market

The digital world is evolving at a speed that is sometimes hard to keep up with.

The field of SEO is no exception: updates from Google, large-scale deployment of AI, and so on.

I monitor SEO and digital news on a weekly basis so that I don’t miss out on anything that could be useful to you.

My monitoring sources are not only French, but also Anglo-Saxon.

English speaker

With a wealth of international experience under my belt, English is not a problem for me.

I can write all my deliverables in English and communicate with your teams in that language.

An ethical vision of SEO

SEO can be seen as the manipulation of algorithms. Consequently, it would be unethical by definition.

Personally, I see SEO as understanding search engine algorithms. Responding to what they’re looking for doesn’t necessarily mean manipulating them; it means aligning your marketing strategy with the requirements of the Internet

However, I keep my personal values at the forefront of my work. That’s why I practice what I call ethical SEO. I don’t use any technique that I consider to be misleading with regard to Internet users and/or search engines. And buying links is one of them.

In 2023, ethics is in. It’s a term that’s used in all sorts of ways and means nothing without more detailed explanation. Nevertheless, in order to be able to explain my professional vision concisely on a website page that only a few people will read, I prefer to use an overused term rather than nothing at all. I’ll say more about this on another page soon.

If I’ve piqued your curiosity, get in touch! I’d be delighted to discuss the subject with you.

Shall we meet?

I have a generalist background in digital marketing (MBA), which enables me to come up with the best SEO strategy for your requirements.

My business is new and SEO actions are ongoing with my clients. However, you can get an idea of my work by visiting their site.

Would you like to get to know each other before making a decision?No problem, the first 30-minutes appointment is free.