About Marie-Eline Chevance, SEO consultant

Choose an ethical SEO consultant trained in digital marketing as a whole.
Make SEO part of your overall marketing strategy.

Expertise in digital marketing

Unlike other SEO consultants, I’ve been trained in digital marketing as a whole. Thanks to my MBA specialising in digital marketing in all its forms, I can integrate SEO into your digital ecosystem

I take into account your existing marketing mix to provide you with personalised SEO advice.

If your needs in areas other than SEO are very specific, I can refer you to specialist consultants in my network. You benefit from my address book of freelancers in the fields of SEA and social networks.


A unique profile as an SEO consultant

My strength lies in my curiosity. I’m interested in everything, especially your business. 

My career change is an asset. I worked for over 10 years in film post-production.

In 2021, I challenged myself and did an MBA in digital marketing, the MBADMB from EFAP.

Marie-Eline Chevance freelance SEO consultant in Paris, France
Consulting SEO RSE en Île de France

An ethical approach to SEO

My SEO consultancy business is part of a CSR approach (Corporate Social Responsibility) that I have formalised in a manifesto. In it I set out my vision of ethical SEO.

Just because you're an entrepreneur doesn't mean you lose your citizenship when you walk through the doors of a company.

Full remote consultant SEO in Guyancourt or Saint Quentin en Yvelines

Location in the Paris region

I live in St Cyr l’École near Versailles in the Paris region.

I work from home in a dedicated office. I’m equipped with a workstation so that I can work in good conditions (laptop, dual screen, keyboard and mouse). I don’t work on the corner of a table or from a deckchair on a beach on the other side of the world.

If required, I can come to your premises in Montigny-le-Bretonneux, Saint Quentin en Yvelines, Guyancourt, Versailles or Paris.

My career path before and during my SEO freelance activity

Discover the training and experiences that make me unique.

Before marketing

I have worked in the film industry for over 10 years. I started out as a photochemical restorer of archive films at the historic Eclair laboratories in Epinay-sur-Seine, France. 

I then branched out into a new sector at the time: digital cinema. In the early 2010s, cinemas in France were gradually being equipped with digital projectors. A new way of making films was emerging, with its own standards and concerns about interoperability.

It’s a technical profession with similarities to SEO. I’m learning some basic IT skills (FTP servers, data hashing, command line). I developed my grasp of complex video editing and compression software, which means that today I’m comfortable using any IT tool.

I was in charge of making masters (known as DCP for Digital Cinema Package) for cinemas in France and abroad at Technicolor and then Deluxe. I was involved in the design of films such as Twilight, Paddington, Guillaume Canet’s Blood Ties and Cédric Klapisch’s La Part du Gâteau.  

I’ve experienced from the inside the digitalisation of the film industry. This has given me an awareness of the challenges of digitalisation. They are at the heart of the concerns of today’s companies, whether or not they have already initiated their transformation. A premonitory preparation for my next professional experience, perhaps.

Since 2021

I changed my sector of activity from digital cinema to digital marketing. To do things properly, I decided to train properly by choosing a long degree course with an MBA. 

All the levers of digital are taught:

  • inbound marketing
  • email marketing – CRM
  • SEA – programmatic
  • SEO
  • digitisation
  • social networks – influence
  • AI – blockchain 
  • introduction to HTML and CSS
  • project management and agile methods

As well as learning about SEO during this course, I’m becoming aware of the dishonest practices that are taking place on the web. The exaggerated manipulation of algorithms (black hat SEO) and unscrupulous commercial practices are consequences of this war for attention that is currently taking place on our screens. As someone with an ethical sensibility, I’m passionate about this.

I write my MBA dissertation on ethics on the web through SEO (black hat and white hat)

I specialised myself in SEO with an internship in a french visibility agency (L’Agence WAM).

In 2023, I set up my own SEO consulting business with the aim of helping to make the web less dishonest. I’m not helping to make it more dishonest than it already is, with black hat SEO techniques, or aggressive or deceptive marketing practices.

Do you have a question before you make your decision?

I’d be delighted to talk to you about SEO and my ethical and responsible approach.

Agency vs freelancing

Why work with a freelancer?

You may be wondering why you should use a freelancer rather than an agency.

Working with a freelancer has its advantages. The success of my business depends solely on my performance. Hiring a freelancer means putting all the chances on your side to ensure that your investment in your SEO strategy is optimal!


As a perfectionist, it’s impossible for me to rush my work. What’s more, I only take on new clients if I’m available to work in the best possible conditions. A consideration rarely taken into account by agencies.