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An ethical approach to SEO

Are you looking for an SEO service provider that is aligned with your company’s CSR commitments?
I’m an ethical SEO consultant with my own CSR approach.


Why my SEO consulting business exists

Encouraging honest practices on the web by developing Internet users' critical faculties. Helping impact businesses to grow through SEO.

The web is more of a social invention than a technological one. I designed it to have a social effect.

Tim Berners-Lee

My WHY* in concrete actions

*WHY: the meaning of a company, its raison d’être. This concept theorised by Simon Sinek.

Popularising SEO

Natural search engine optimisation suffers from clichés about its complexity. My aim is to change the way people think about SEO. That’s why I explain all the actions to be taken on your site so that you understand them. If a recommendation hasn’t been understood, it’s not because it’s complicated, it’s because I haven’t explained it properly.

Understanding the web

Too many Internet users surf the web without understanding the marketing practices involved. In a world where digital developments are moving faster than we understand them, it’s essential to surf with a clear understanding of the facts.


My work as a web referencing specialist helps to raise awareness of how the web is used.

More than white hat SEO, ethical SEO

As well as practising SEO in line with Google’s guidelines (known as ‘white hat’ SEO), the SEO optimisations that I advise take into account Internet users before search engines. My practices are in line with my self-imposed guidelines. For example, to improve the authority of your site, I don’t buy links because I find the principle unfair. I prefer to work on netlinking in a more honest way.

Rest assured, this is not counter-productive for SEO. On the contrary, I think it’s an excellent approach in the current context (hello EEAT)!

My approach to SEO is not about manipulating search engines at all costs to increase your traffic, but about aligning your online presence with good organic and ethical SEO practices.

Preferential rates for companies with an impact

I apply preferential rates for independent contractors whose activity contributes directly to improving society.

My aim is to maximise the social good rather than profits.

Do you have a sustainable purchasing policy?

I can respond to your request as an SEO consultant service provider with its own CSR policy.

What I plan to do in 2024 about CSR

Subscribing to a French hosting provider

To launch my SEO consulting business quickly and cheaply, I took out a low-cost hosting package with a Swiss company. I’ll be switching to a French company shortly.

Subscribe to a green electricity offer

I’m thinking of changing my electricity subscription to a green electricity contract from a French company for my home, where I mainly work.

SEO et démarche RSE

SEO and environment

My environmental approach is ongoing and evolving at the same time as the development of my micro-business.

I have already identified areas for improvement that I will implement if my cash flow allows.

What I plan to do if my SEO freelance business grows

Subscribe to a French CRM

Today, to limit my expenses, I use the free version of hubspot CRM. If my business grows, I’ll subscribe to a French CRM to support French tech.

Focusing on CSR customers

My aim is to work only with companies whose activities directly benefit the environment and society.

Other actions

I haven’t yet identified all the actions I can take, and I never will. But I keep in mind that I need to continually improve the impact of my professional activity to move in the right direction.

Find out more about my CSR motivations?

I’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have about my ethical and responsible approach to SEO.

CSR in the web

Are CSR and digital marketing compatible?

The most sceptical will say that the Internet and digital marketing as a whole are by nature incompatible with the preservation of the environment (the Internet pollutes because of the servers needed to run it). But that’s no reason to sit back and do nothing.

What’s more, the human dimension is central to the web. My CSR approach in my freelance SEO activity is based primarily on taking account of Internet users.

The why of marielineseo company came to fruition with the help of Liengéco, a French sustainable transformation consultancy.