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Google Search Console's increase of prints and clicks
This image was taken from a free image bank. It is not the actual performance of one of my clients' sites.


I’ve obtained SEO results for my clients’ websites. The work is ongoing, but the results are already promising.

Perhaps your site will be next?

In webdesign

Applying the fundamentals of SEO is partly a question of mastering CMS (Content Management System). 

Each CMS has its own particularities. Writing urls (slugs), for example, is not done in the same places. 


Creating my site on WordPress with Elementor has enabled me to gain an understanding of the most widely used CMS in the world. I can therefore project your needs for your WordPress site. 


I also have experience in web design and SEO optimisation with the WIX CMS.


Soon, you’ll be able to find my other WordPress website designs here.



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