List of my SEO deliveries

List of the most common SEO deliverables I carry out.
Each service can be accompanied by an SEO strategy and monitoring (technical monitoring, KPIs).
In this case, invoicing is based on additional time spent.

Don't make your SEO strategy haphazard

Rely on reliable deliveries.

technical seo audit

Technical audit

First SEO pillar: an healthy website to perform.

This include:

What I need:

Key words analysis

Identify relevant KW for your business.

This include:

What I need:

SEO keywords study
content seo audit

Content audit

Analysis of the content of your pages and their performance to target your efforts.

This include:

What I need:

What about prices?

Because every site is different, it’s not possible for me to announce rates in advance. After getting in touch with you online, I’ll carry out a preliminary analysis of your site. I will then send you an estimate. 


As a self-employed contractor, I don’t charge VAT.


If you wish, we can carry out the transaction via the Malt platform. The transaction costs are my responsibility.

Need to know more?


It depends on the nature of the service. A technical audit with no follow-up or a keyword study takes a week to complete, depending on my availability.

Developing a complete SEO strategy takes several months, with weekly meetings.

L’élaboration d’une stratégie SEO complète s’effectue sur plusieurs mois, à raison d’un rendez-vous hebdomadaire. 

Rarely. SEO takes time. Generally speaking, you need to wait at least 6 months to see reliable SEO results.
But once the results are established, they are sustainable, unlike a SEA campaign.

SEO complements SEO. With SEO, you’ll get long-term results. SEO is more profitable than SEA in the long term.

With a few exceptions, I don’t make any changes to your site. However, I will help you to do so with peace of mind.